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Mostly Flowers
'Still life with flowers' is my favourite subject for painting, sometimes with fruit as well.

Bluebells, acrylic on canvas panel, 10x10cm


Pulmonaria, acrylic on canvas panel, 10x10cm

Alpine Clematis.jpg

Alpine Clematis, acrylic on canvas, 20x20cm

Buttercups and Campion.jpg

Buttercups and Campion, acrylic on paper, 52x41cm

Lily in a Green Jug.jpg

Lily in a Green Jug, acrylic on canvas, 15x15cm

Nasturtiums in a Blue Pot.jpg

Nasturtiums in a Blue Pot

Pale Nasturtiums new.jpg

Pale Nasturtiums, acrylic on paper, 24x24cm

Pears on Spanish Saucer.jpg

Pears on a Spanish Saucer, acrylic on deep canvas, 20x20cm

Apples on windowsill (study).jpg

Apples on a Window Sill, acrylic on paper,

Nasturtiums in a Jar.jpg

Nasturtiums in a Jar, acrylic on deep canvas, 20x20cm

December Primroses 1.jpg

December Primroses, acrylic on paper, 69x69cm

Winter Primroses 2.jpg

Winter Primroses, 18x17cm, acrylic on card, 18x17cm

Flame Nasturtiums.jpg

Flame Nasturtiums, acrlic on paper, 21x21cm