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Other Miniatures
Various other kinds of miniature pieces in several scales (1:12 unless otherwise specified). These were mostly made for my own collection.
12th Seaside Wreath.jpg

Seashore wreath with beachcombing finds

Charleston Day Bed.jpg

Day bed inspired by Duncan Grant's at Charleston Farmhouse in Sussex

Art Corner.jpg

Art corner vignette

Armchair 2.jpg

Shabby armchair with an Art Deco Cushion, in a room setting inspired by Charleston Farmhouse

Tudor Hanging.jpg

Tudor wall hanging

Blue Cushions.jpg

Blue rose cushions

'Topiary' painting.jpg

Miniature painting, 'Topiary'

Greenhouse Corner.jpg

Greenhouse vignette

Pressing Flowers.jpg

Craft Table, 'Pressed Flower Album'

24th Bedroom.jpg

1:24 Georgian style country bedroom

48th Attic Room.jpg

Room over a 1:48 Antiquarian bookshop

48th Four Poster.jpg

1:48 four-poster bed